'Somewhere Someone Else'
by Wes Willenbring

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Somewhere, Someone Else is a work of muted radiance. Sounds of piano and guitar wash in and out of recognition, providing a kind of dislocated comfort. The album slowly breathes in and out with an undeniable melancholic warmth, like a sad dream you donít want to wake from. Traversing some of the post ambient territories of peers such as Windy and Carl, The Dead Texan and Labradford, Somewhere, Someone Else manages to carve its own unique sonic and emotional landscape.

Track Listing:
  1. Correspondence Preview
  2. Sometimes Preview
  3. Lost Illusions Preview
  4. In A Quiet Dark Room Preview
  5. Resuscitate Preview
  6. Reverie Preview
  7. As You Fade Away Preview
  8. Aperture Preview
  9. Small Reminders Preview
  10. While My Lungs Fill With Water Preview
Cat #: HSR018

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