by Toby Richardson

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With his inimitable lo-fi stylings, Richardson has produced an indie-rock gem. The albumís skewed melodicism is married to an amazing sense of songcraft that reawakens the listener to the invigorating possibilities of rock íní roll. With all the playful irreverence of Robert Pollard and Pavement, Evergreen sees Toby laying down 10 songs of irrepressible lo-fi stadium rock. The album features wonky fist-in-the-air anthems that blend the catchy attack of The Kinks with the bluesy skronk of Captain Beefheart, through to bent pop-fuelled love songs that wind their way into your aorta like cupidís heartworm.

Richardson has managed to strip the skin from classic rock íní roll, cover it in fur, jewels and barbed wire and ride it through a casino. The unbridled, irrepressible feel of this album is hard to deny.

Track Listing:

  1. Wherewithal Preview
  2. Golden Bear Preview
  3. Booragoon Lagoon (Single) Preview
  4. Bells in Dover Preview
  5. Daylight Preview
  6. Rosewood Preview
  7. Long Distance Rock and Roll Preview
  8. Love Solution Preview
  9. Fruit Juice and Wine Preview
  10. Evergreen Preview
Cat#: HSR032

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Perth fans can also head into Planet Music on Beautfort St Mt Lawley to pick up a copy of the album.

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