'Too Late, The Day'
by My Majestic Star

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Expanding upon the emotionally-stirring instrumental palette of debut album Ideas Are The Answer and the stunning follow-up EP Fining, Too Late, The Day immerses the listener in its warm, enveloping drones, woven guitars and shoegazing songcraft for 45 minutes of sonic wonder. Including the stunning single ‘and having a reason why’, which features Chris Mason’s gorgeous reverb-soaked vocals for the first time on a My Majestic Star release, Too Late, The Day is deliberately non-literal – it doesn’t so much tell a story, but rather provides a bed within which to tell your own. It is the soundtrack to a waking fiction, a soft-focus reverie. While so many albums in this area deliberately evoke wide-open vistas and apocalyptic atmospheres, Too Late, The Day is more of an exercise in intimacy and engagement.

  1. too late, the day Preview
  2. on afternoons Preview
  3. defects in sunsets Preview
  4. and having a reason why Preview
  5. fill empty spaces Preview
  6. meaning less Preview
  7. open to feel Preview
  8. forget Idaho Preview

Cat#: HSR037

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