'Ideas are the Answer'
by My Majestic Star

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My Majestic Star lay down an expansive palette on their debut release. A patchwork of light and shade where shades of ambience flow into moments of shoegazing post rock. No manifesto, no thesis, no all-encompassing mantra. A beautiful layered weaving of guitars and samplers. The first single "Keep the Keys from Me" is out now.

"...manages to make music from relative isolation that like a lot of absolutely solo work tends towards the quiet and wounded, but Ideas Are the Answer is optimistic from the title on down; this a record that respects and honors our melancholy without ever falling for the fallacy that its a permanent state of affairs. - Stylus Magazine

Track Listing:

  1. Coffee Stains and Beer Preview
  2. Half Measures Preview
  3. Chelsea Preview
  4. Loose Mind, Tired Eyes Preview
  5. Thirty One Preview
  6. Keep the Keys from Me (Single) Preview
  7. You Greet Me with Night Laughter Preview
  8. A City Lost Preview
  9. Carry the Breeze Preview
Cat#: HSR002

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