'I Razor'
by Various Artists

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[The limited edition CD release consists of composite artwork printed across transparent sheets and 4 panel art paper, sandwiched together in a clear vinyl pocket. This first edition is limited to a run of 100 units. All CD orders come with an immediate download of the album. Download an extended digital album booklet here.]

I Razor, by Todd Tobias and Circus Devils, is the soundtrack to the no-budget experimental feature film of the same name directed by Todd Tobias.

The I Razor soundtrack comprises challenging, playful, twisted, murky and downright beautiful pieces of music by Todd Tobias and Circus Devils, featuring vocals from Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices) as well as instrumental versions of some of the Devilís existing songs. The album is a cinematic feast within itself, uncompromising, redemptive and always engaging. It weaves lo-fi keyboards through shimmering guitar textures, scatters unsettling rhythms across ethereal synthscapes, and unveils kaleidoscopic new treasures among its 30+ tracks with each listen.

Told from the perspective of a former scientist turned wandering telepathic man-child, I Razor is the story of one manís quest to regain his lost humanity.† I Razor presents its world in hallucinatory visions, reflecting the state of mind of its main character.† The story is told with minimal dialog and an open plot structure, relying instead on visuals and music to carry itís narratives.

Track Listing:
  1. The House of Mother Skinny (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  2. At The Majestic (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  3. Main Title (Lurking) (Circus Devils)† Preview
  4. Soldiers of June (Circus Devils)† Preview
  5. Letís Go Back to Bed (Circus Devils)† Preview
  6. The Sergeant and the Horse (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  7. The Professorís Trip (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  8. Knifesong (Circus Devils)† Preview
  9. The Ministry of Medical Science (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  10. Therapy (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  11. The Cave (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  12. He Had All Day (Circus Devils)† Preview
  13. The Sergeantís Trip (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  14. When The Beast Falls Down (Circus Devils)† Preview
  15. Strangers in the Forest (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  16. Freedomís Monster (Circus Devils)† Preview
  17. Birth of the Homunculus (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  18. Bring Me His Eyes (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  19. The Motherís Bidding (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  20. A Haunted World (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  21. The Professorís Return (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  22. March of the Homunculus (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  23. Star-Peppered Wheat Germ (Circus Devils)† Preview
  24. A People Thing (Circus Devils)† Preview
  25. I Found the Black Mind (Circus Devils)† Preview
  26. Mother Skinny (Circus Devils)† Preview
  27. The Mother Calls You Home / The House of Mrs. Fleer (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  28. Look Between Whatís Going On (Circus Devils)† Preview
  29. No Cure (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  30. The Cage (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  31. New Boy (Circus Devils)† Preview
  32. No Safe Place (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  33. Departures (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  34. The Seraph (Todd Tobias)† Preview
  35. All The Good Ones Are Gone (Circus Devils)† Preview
  36. End Titles (Ladder to the Sky) (Todd Tobias)† Preview

Cat#: HSR105

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