'Now We're Active'
by Umpire

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Now We’re Active is the debut album by Perth’s (Australia) widescreen indie-rock craftsmen Umpire. On Now We’re Active, Umpire combine sprawling indie-rock sounds with reflective melancholy, expertly wielding massive sun-drenched melodies, serpentine guitar parts and soaring vocals to spectacular effect. From lead single ‘Green Light District’ through the chiming guitar surge of ‘The Canyon’ to gorgeous finale ‘Cyclones Into Sunshowers’, Now We’re Active is a stunning release, as expansive as it is propulsive, as heartbreaking as it is life-affirming.

Immaculately produced by bassist Simon Struthers at Forensic Audio, the album’s ten tracks bring progressive rock influences, indie-pop sensibilities and shades of math-rock into explosive collision, then shape them into songs that are at once epic and intimate. After the last song fades you’re left with a lump in your throat and admiration of how Umpire’s songcraft and sonics are so consistently elegant, melodic and widescreen. Now We’re Active is much more than a collection of tracks – it’s an album that blossoms beautifully on repeat plays.

Track Listing:

1. Green Light District  Preview
2. Supply Chins  Preview
3. Corner An Owl In An Alcove  Preview
4. The Canyon  Preview
5. Jewellery Can Be Disturbing  Preview
6. On The Fringes  Preview
7. Streamers  Preview
8. Milking a Thistle  Preview
9. Spotlights  Preview
10. Cyclones Into Sunshowers  Preview

Cat#: HSR081

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