'The Licence To Interpret Dreams'
by Antonymes

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The Licence To Interpret Dreams is the Hidden Shoal debut release by neo-classical/minimal ambient artist Antonymes. It is an album of resonant beauty, as expansive as the wilds of North Wales from which it came, yet as delicate and intimate as a loved one’s breath upon your skin. Each song deploys a modest array of instruments and textures, giving them ample space to breathe and glow. The album’s scope is immediately apparent on breathtaking opener ‘The Slow Beginnings of a ‘A Fragile Acceptance’, where faint piano notes are overwhelmed by an aching surge of cellos, and the timeless, lingering chord progression of ‘The Siren, Hopelessly Lost’.

Single ‘Endlessly’ weaves traces of nature with unearthly, oscillating tones before giving way to a strident piano theme. On ‘Doubt’, Jan Van Den Broek delivers the words of Paul Morley, cradled against a bed of melancholic piano, violin and cello, leaving an indelible emotional mark. ‘A Light From The Heavens’ almost feels like a natural conclusion to the album, with its sense of reflective yearning, but it is followed by the devastating metaphysical breakdown of ‘On Arrival at the Strange Museum’, a cavernous piece that calls out like some giant magnetic spirit.

Track Listing:

  1. A Fragile Acceptance  Preview
  2. The Siren, Hopelessly Lost  Preview
  3. Oradour-Sur-Glane  Preview
  4. Womb Of The Great Mother  Preview
  5. Landscape Beyond An Open Window  Preview
  6. The Gospel Pass  Preview
  7. Endlessly  Preview
  8. Doubt  Preview
  9. The Door Towards The Dream  Preview
  10. Wave Upon Wave  Preview
  11. A Light From The Heavens  Preview
  12. On Approaching The Strange Museum  Preview

Cat#: HSR080

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