'The Green'
by Boxharp

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The Green
is a startlingly beautiful space that sees the intermingling of the ancient and modern, the handcrafted and the technologically enhanced. Lunar half-light, crackling fires and legends weave amid aching synths, dizzying digital edits and startling atmospheres – all clothed in the inimitable tones of vocalist Wendy Allen. Akin to classic dreampop, stripped of the guitars and rebuilt with the parts of old gramophones, twine and birdsong. The title track exudes a kind of earthbound celestialism that makes it at once intimate and expansive. ‘Hick’s Farewell’ and ‘Leatherwing Bat’ have the feel of eerie Celtic folksongs re-imagined as affecting synthpop. Lovable pop nugget ‘Konnarock VA’ nestles alongside airy tapestries like ‘The Moon’s The North Wind’s Cookie’ and ‘Rootfires’. The intangible is rendered tactile; the prosaic mystical.

Track Listing:
  1. Paper Boats  Preview
  2. The Green  Preview
  3. Wooden Music  Preview
  4. Hick's Farewell  Preview
  5. Cloy  Preview
  6. The Moon’s the North Wind’s Cookie  Preview
  7. Sidestepping  Preview
  8. Leatherwing Bat  Preview
  9. The Scarecrow’s Lament  Preview
  10. Konnarock, VA  Preview
  11. Rootfire  Preview
  12. Field Stones  Preview
Cat#: HSR067

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