'We Know Why The Earth Moves'
by The Slow Beings

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On their masterful debut We Know Why The Earth Moves The Slow Beings have managed to channel a range of pop and rock influences into something that is uniquely their own. Tracks such as the much loved radio single ‘I Waste The Sea’, ‘Carson Dyle’ and ‘Nil By Rote’ expose the wonderful duality and underlying playfulness at work within The Slow Beings music. Shifting from Smiths-like guitar pop to driving, hook laden indie rock through to country tinged indie pop often all within the one song, these tracks leave you in a far different musical and emotional place than you set out in.

‘(Let’s) Get (Married)’ is perfect, crafted pop with the type of warm intangible immediacy you’d expect to find on a Wrens album. Similarly ‘Yoskar-Ola Song’ exudes a kind of affected yet magnetic humanity all in the guise of gorgeous alt-country pop. The Slow Beings have an innate knack for re-inventing the edges of indie rock and pop through a reverence for its form and power, yet irreverence in its handling.

Track Listing:
  1. I Waste The Sea (Single) Preview
  2. People Leave Heaven Preview
  3. Nil By Rote Preview
  4. myfriendkoolkiller Preview
  5. Yoshkar-ola Song Preview
  6. Carson Dyle Preview
  7. They Dive At Dawn Preview
  8. (Let's)Get(Married) Preview
  9. We Know Why The Earth Moves Preview
  10. The Happy Few Preview
Cat#: HSR034

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Perth fans can also head into 78 Records, Planet Music or Dada Records to pick up a copy of the album. Please note that Australian fans outside of Perth can purchase online via mail order through 78 Records.

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