'Outer Sunset'
by Monocle

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From the opening strains of ‘Emmanuelle’, Monocle immediately set about wrapping you up in a blanket of dizzying hypnotic pop. Moving from bossa fuelled dark night car rides to lush shoegaze tinged astral rock, Monocle’s first full-length, Outer Sunset reflects a decidedly edgier, denser approach both compositionally and performance-wise than their debut EP.

Tracks such as ‘Music of Space’ and ‘Airphase’ present some of the best newgaze pop you will hear this year leaving behind the often overbearing austerity and replacing it with an innate melancholic warmth and energy. ‘Agent Earle’ kicks off in what initially feels like parody but in true Monocle style turns itself on its head with dark chiming guitars and warning vocals only to then perform a third chameleon act slipping the listener into a blurred star belt.

Where on first listen it may be easy to finger reference points such as Stereolab, Can and Lush when describing Monocle’s sound and musical vision, successive listens reveal much more. With a charming immediacy that belies its underlying complexity Monocle have produced a masterpiece of magnetic pop. As the last track fades you find yourself immediately reaching over to the play button for another round.

Track Listing:

  1. Emmanuelle Preview
  2. Gaspard Preview
  3. Agent Earle Preview
  4. Music of Space Preview
  5. Green Future Preview
  6. Wave Goodbye Preview
  7. AirPhase Preview
  8. Allo Taxi Preview
  9. Outer Sunset Preview
  10. We Slip Preview
  11. Road Sign Preview
Cat#: HSR027

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