'Our Man in Eden Hill'
by Tangled Star

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Our Man in Eden Hill sees Tangled Star building on their wonderfully received debut outing through Hidden Shoal, It’s Now or Later. Musically the EP toys with the frayed edges of country, pop and indie, while in part infusing a sense of space and possibility familiar to fans of the classic Dark Side of the Moon. As with their debut EP, Our Man in Eden Hill’s surface often belies its musical and emotional interior. Through its gentle shifts and directed detours, the EP manages to make once familiar territory foreign and offset. As chief songwriter and lyricist Craig Hallsworth explains,

“If these songs are simple, they are only apparently so. To me, they are only beginning to really work when they are able to express a space of becoming... There are strange warnings and advice, mysterious imperatives and entreaties... I see the lyrics as working for and against themselves, as well as for and against the music, generating a plane of momentary, shifting affective states. There is comic desperation folded into offhand profundity. There is something depressing and defeating suddenly transformed into a rare kind of pleasure and privilege. There are secrets with nothing to hide. There is one last chance after another…”

Track Listing:
  1. tosleepingpeople (Single) Preview
  2. The Skaters Preview
  3. Sunny Day Losers # 12 & 35 Preview
  4. Turn Me Preview
  5. The Waiter is Deceased Preview
Cat#: HSR031

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Perth fans can also head into 78 Records to pick up a copy of the album. Australian fans outside of Perth can also purchase the album from 78 records via mail order.

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