Chris Mason


It was inevitable, really. From a family of musicians (father, brother, uncountable sisters) ...another musician. Treading the path most trodden, taking the easy decision into a life of creative despair and financial ruin. No, really...

Chris Mason, solo artist, locked in the studio for quite some time but finally emerging with a debut album that, to his perfectionist mind, was good enough for other people to hear. Writing, arrangements, production, and instrumentation all sweated over. Up Down Up was the result of an auteurís touch. The album was wonderfully recieved and resulted in Mason becoming an iTunes indie feature artist. With a brilliant second album and a string of live shows in Australia, Mason is set to continue his rise in the indie pop world.

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On his sophomore release Chris Mason and his band The Implosion traverse the realms of melancholic pop, gorgeously crafted acoustica and shining newgaze rock. Restless is a masterful foray into pop music in all its varied guises. The albums features...
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'Fast and Furious'

An essential taster for the new Chris Mason album Restless , ĎFast and Furiousí is a heartbreaking thriller from the ground up: the insistent pulse of the drums, the visceral growl of the guitars, layered rolling hooks and Chrisís aching vocal. As...
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'Up Down Up'

Chris Mason's delivers an exquisite pop album, laiden with beautifully crafted melancholic songs. Too many adjectives? Have a listen and you'll see why. The first single off the album, "Better" is available now. Track Listing: December...
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Chris Mason's first single from the album "Up Down Up". A luscious pop anthem. Includes bonus B side track, "Right by Your Side". Track Listing Better - Preview This music is available for licensing - email us for more details.
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